Why I love to be self-employed

I’ve now been self-employed since September 2015. These are some of the reasons why I love it, in no particular order …

No more stinking, sweaty commute. I am 5’ 2” and I dread to think how many years I’ve spent with people’s rucksacks in my face or underneath someone’s armpit. I no longer have the dreaded walk to the station only to find my train has been cancelled because of the wrong type of leaves on the line.

My dog Annie. I would never have considered getting a dog unless I worked from home. She sits on my transcription foot pedal when I’m trying to work and chews up the recycling out of my office bin. But she also gives me a reason to get outside and away from my desk regularly – which is GREAT for taking some time out. I take her along to some of my client meetings too, I don’t think that would have been allowed in investment banking!

Working by yourself can be hugely isolating at times – especially when you first get set up. I have made such an amazing group of supportive business friends so there is always someone I can call on to pick their brains or just meet for a coffee. If you are based in the Consett/Stanley area and run your own small business, feel free to join the Derwentside Women in Business Group on Facebook; we’ve just restarted our informal coffee meet ups. You can talk about work if you want to but equally you can sit and chat with people in a similar situation - and facing similar challenges.

I can set my own schedule – it’s great being your own boss. My meetings need to dovetail with my family commitments so I may not always be free for breakfast meetings or evening drinks but during the day I can be pretty flexible. I love to drive and be out and about – I don’t do a huge amount of onsite work but when I do I love the change of scenery.

Very importantly – whatever I earn every month is a testament to my own hard work. Yes it can be a bit of a financial roller-coaster at times especially when there has been a quieter month but as long as I make my “survive” figure every month, then anything on top can be seen as a bonus!

Why do you like being self-employed? Or if you’re still thinking about it, what’s stopping you?

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