September reflection

OK so I didn’t exactly practice what I preached in my last blog (read it here but I gave it my best shot! After six loooong weeks, the business is still standing and the children are still talking to me so in retrospect I must have kept those plates spinning somehow.

We were away for the best part of four weeks out of the six but I only properly switched off for 10 days when we went away to Croatia. What I found worked for me during the holidays was, I either got up and worked before the children woke up or fired up the laptop when they had gone to bed and bashed out a few hours work in the evenings.

Working at night combined with full-on days entertaining the kids meant I was pretty exhausted most days. I’m not a night owl by any means but it kept the children happy, my to-do list under control and the bank account topped up.

I celebrate my business birthday in September so it is naturally a time for me to reflect on my plans for the year ahead. I’m in quite a happy place work-wise at the moment – I feel like I have found a good balance for work/family/home. I have built up a portfolio of lovely, regular clients and their businesses are so varied that no two days are ever the same. Fingers crossed the year ahead will allow me to cross paths with even more exciting businesses!

I also find it very affirming to look back over my business journey, to see how far I’ve come and why I started Arlo in the first place. My youngest son George has just gone into year one and these past few days he has been really struggling with the new environment. He went into school in floods of tears this morning and I’ll naturally worry about him all day. Thankfully I am able put work on hold 3pm and be there waiting to pick him up from school. I am sure he’ll have had a good day with his friends but equally I am so grateful that I have the flexibility to be there for him when he needs me.

My business resolutions for the year ahead are to network more, blog/vlog more and I am also planning a bit of a rebrand of the business and my website – exciting times!

How much time do you spend on your admin? Imagine if you could get that all back to focus on your business!

To see about how I can help, send me an email to or call me on 07712 005 904 to book your FREE, no obligation #adminMOT.

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