Plan ahead for a stress-free summer

So who’s panicking already about how they’ll keep all their plates spinning over the summer holidays?

I am quite lucky that most of my clients are in the same boat as me, with young children to entertain over the six-week break – so I won’t feel that I have to be at my desk all day every day, and I will catch up in the evenings and weekends where I need to.

That’s not to say I won’t have any work to do over the summer holiday though – either for my clients or for my own business! So with a few weeks to go until the summer break, I have already started planning ahead and getting organised. Here are a few tips on how to prepare and not panic:

Plan your diary now. Work out when you need to work, when you can take time off and plan the gaps now. My family love love love to be out and exploring, equally they also look forward to the times when we don’t have to rush around and they can sit around in their pyjamas, play, watch a film or go on their dreaded tablets. Some weeks, I am planning to work mornings, some weeks afternoons. Some days I will only work in the evenings so we can go further afield during the day. If your children know that you have a lot of fun things lined up, I doubt they’ll mind if you need to work for a few hours and leave them with the “electronic babysitters”.

Plan ahead and schedule your social media for over the summer holidays where possible. It means you can take your eye off social media and also you can give some forethought to your posts now; what you want to say, how, when, images etc., instead of bashing them out in the holidays and not having them how you want them.

If like me you’re lucky to have a group of friends also running their own businesses, why not suggest taking it in turns with childcare? Give each other a day a week (or even half a day) with no distractions so you can all focus equally on your businesses.

You could have a co-working day where people bring their children – if the weather’s good, why not work in the garden while the children play – ideal for blog writing, catching up on expenses or planning your marketing – or even just to get some lovely images for your social media!

Manage your clients’ or customers’ expectations - even if you don’t plan to take any time off at all over the summer holidays – let them know your plans and that it’s “business as usual”.

De-clutter your work space and get your filing done now – I can bet you won’t feel like doing it over the holidays, and your work space will be nice and tidy when you come back to it in September.

Lastly but perhaps most importantly – don’t be hard on yourself and don’t panic! If you can, take some time off. A bit of time away from your business will give you some well needed head space and your business will ultimately benefit!

How much time do you spend on your admin? Imagine if you could get that all back to focus on your business!

To see about how I can help, send me an email to or call me on 07712 005 904 to book your FREE, no obligation #adminMOT.

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