Buy cheap, buy twice

In a nutshell; the importance of quality over price.

I think I can safely say that most self-employed people are acutely aware of costs – and scrutinise the price of everything.

I work from home so my outgoings are pretty low, but recently I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t always pay to penny-pinch.

I bought toner cartridges online as they were cheaper than the manufacturer ones. They leak all over my printer and cover expensive letterhead in splatters of ink. A waste of paper and toner and so stressful when I have a load of client printing to do.

I also bought some printer labels online as they were cheaper than the Avery ones. They jammed my printer every single time I used them. Again, this wasted so much of my time – and in all honesty they were only a few pounds cheaper.

I bought myself a pack of assorted coloured pens last week from Poundland. I got home to realise that every one of the pens had blue ink – I was so cross with myself!

I have since gone and bought Avery labels, a load of reliable pens (in the colours I expect them to be) and when the toners run out, which at the rate they leak won’t be that much longer, I shall be buying official HP ones!

I suppose the same goes for most things in life – if you base every decision based only on price, you will probably end up disappointed!


How much time do you spend on your admin? Imagine if you could get that all back to focus on your business?

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