It's ok to ask for help

So a couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet and asked for help.

I am used to multi-tasking with my client work, in fact I find I work better and more efficiently under pressure, but as a result the housework was getting further and further down my to-do list. So, I’ve employed a cleaner. Just a few hours every two weeks but already it’s made such a difference to my sanity and focus – and, if only for a short time, the house doesn’t smell of rugby boots and swimming towels.

I get out of their way and carry on with my work while the cleaners make my house all shiny and fragrant again. I’ll admit it does involve a mass-panic tidy up the day before they come but I’ve justified this to the family by saying that at least we can spend the rest of the weekend doing family stuff.

I spend a lot of my time talking to businesses about outsourcing and how it’s good to share the load; at long last I’ve taken my own advice. I reckon in their three hours, the cleaners save me about six hours of housework - so almost a whole work day!

How much time do you spend on your admin? Imagine if you could get that all back to focus on your business?

To see about how I can help , send me an email to or call me on 07712 005 904 to book your FREE, no obligation #adminMOT.

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