A coffee and a twirl

I stopped buying newspapers years ago, I only watch the news if it’s on and the kids are in bed. Why? It’s all so flipping depressing!!

Whatever your personal views on impending Brexit and the new interestingly-coiffed US president, surely you can’t help but notice how much negativity has surrounded both situations!

I think it would be nicer for all concerned if we took a minute to notice the positives in other people, in other situations and maybe even try and learn from each other. We don’t all know it all (although I’m certain some people think they do!)

We’ve all been guilty of that I’m sure but I know that I actively try to take people at face value, to treat people how I would expect to be treated myself. I’m not so naïve to think that isn’t always possible, so I actively remove myself from these situations and from those people.

Each month I meet with a group of ladies from many various business sectors – and in that group we see each other as equals, we all help each other and most important we want to see each other succeed. We could easily compete against each other, even sabotage each other (a subject which came up at our last meeting, interestingly enough), but why would anyone want to do that?

I’m very fortunate that I am working alongside a growing number of great businesses who each bring something new to the table – last week I spent an hour with one of my favourite clients and came away feeling energised, valued, trusted and like I’d had a positive impact on her day.

Kindness really doesn’t cost anything – on Friday it was a lovely cup of coffee and a Twirl!

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