Step out of your comfort zone

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to win a photoshoot with a brilliant local photographer. Becky Williams, the photographer, had done shoots with a couple of my friends and their photos are stunning, so I was super excited. And reeeeeeeeeeeally nervous.

I spent days poring over my wardrobe, what should I wear to make me look more fabulous and feisty and less frumpy and 40ish?

As it turns out, the clothes weren’t that important. For someone who spends about 30 seconds on her face every morning, having someone spend over an hour meticulously applying make up on me felt quite bizarre. When I looked in the mirror I was quite shocked to be honest, it was so much more make up than I ever wore – would I look like a drag queen in the photos? Or mutton dressed as lamb?

The next hour was spent in various contorted positions – lean forwards, hip to the side, chin up, chin out, stretch your neck, don’t make your hand look like a claw ... and so on.

So far I have only seen a couple of taster shots but wow, they are amazing! Far from looking like RuPaul, I have had people commenting that I looked like Princess Leia and even Marilyn Monroe! My heady bubble was ever so slightly burst by my 4 year old who simply asked “why have you got a yellow face mummy?” but the fact is the whole experience gave me such a confidence boost.

By stepping out of my tightly controlled comfort zone, I really learned lots about myself that day. If we occasionally question our own judgment, put our trust in other people and open ourselves up to new experiences and challenges, who knows what might happen!

(PS: huge thanks to Becky at!)

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