Efficiency = sales = happy dance!

In one of my case studies I wrote about how helping “ChARLOtte” create her client database enabled her to flag up who was due their next treatment session and how she was able to generate new appointments from that. Of course, how she now has all of her individual client information in one place instead of having to search for it in a filing cabinet.

Well, these past few weeks I’ve been helping another client log all his inspection certificates which he has to provide for each piece of work he carries out. What was previously a drawer full of loose papers is now a filing system, sorted in a particular order which allows us to send out letters to those same clients reminding them when their next inspection is due. There must be 150-200 certificates in that file. Looking at it another way, that’s 150-200 potential repeat pieces of work.

Think about how many times you’ve swapped business cards or done work for someone and promised to be back in touch? Well get back in touch – you never know! It is less time-consuming than making brand new connections and hopefully they are already happy with the work you have done in the past.

So, sort that paperwork, file those business cards – who knows what hidden treasure lies within!

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