All being well!

I attended a very interesting talk earlier this week with César Gamio who is a global expert in Wellbeing, which I know is a bit of a buzz word at the moment along with mindfulness! He taught us that being personally well can really contribute to our professional wellbeing.

César spent 20 or so years in a high paced corporate environment, which eventually took its toll on his health. Through mindful eating, restful sleep, meditation, investing in himself, managing his own time and even channelling his inner child, he has regained a healthy work-life-balance.

Much of what he taught us is common sense, but some of César’s tips for personal wellbeing and better concentration include avoiding electronic devices before bedtime, eating healthily and mindfully, limiting distractions and making time for ourselves and our children. One of the things that struck a chord with me - as a dedicated multi-tasker - is that instead I should concentrate on one thing at a time do that one thing well.

It can be difficult nowadays to completely switch off; with social media and 24/7 news coverage, we are forever “plugged in” – but we should remember that we can be in control of it. I for one am going to switch off any unnecessary notifications; do I really need to be alerted to every Tweet, Facebook post or “like”, email or news article? They are just a distraction, especially when I’m trying to concentrate. The night of the meeting I switched my phone off at 9pm and read a book – and the next morning I only switched my phone on again after breakfast. What did I miss? Not much!

On that note, I’m off on holiday on Sunday – I might switch my phone on every now and then but I’m planning on spending quality time with my family and reading a book cover to cover (wish me luck with that, with two young children)!

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