A lovely feeling indeed!

When I moved up to the North East in 2014 I would never have expected that I would set up my own business, considering I had spent the previous 20 or so years quite successfully hiding behind my bosses.

I was inspired and encouraged to take the leap by the amazing women I have met since we relocated. Who’d have thought that school, nursery and even toddler groups would prove to be such hotbeds of hidden talent! One of my mummy friends from toddler group became my graphic designer when I commented on the amazing pictures she was “finding” for our Facebook group – it turned out she wasn’t "just a mum". My first official client is the husband of another toddler mummy. You find connections in the unlikeliest of places.

Yesterday I spent the morning with lots of great women at a networking event at the stunning Hexham Abbey. So many different businesses; from printers, cup cake decorators, tutu sellers, baby massagers, animal photographers to people like me – wanting to help these businesses behind the scenes – but we all had something in common, not just that we were women, but that we were women who wanted to see each other succeed. A lovely feeling indeed!

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